vForum Sydney–TechTalks

by Alastair on September 21, 2014

Great news, the vBrownBag TechTalks are coming back to vForum Sydney. For those familiar with TechTalks you can go straight to the signup form here.

Tech Talks originated at VMworld 2012 where they provided an opportunity for community members, whose presentation submissions were not accepted into the main catalogue, to present the core of  a topic. TechTalks are a ten minute presentation by a community member for the benefit of the community. Since almost everyone working in technology has solved problems and learned something almost everyone could present a TechTalk. The format can be a slide deck or simply talking, they are usually about how to solve a problem or get the most out of a product. The TechTalk is captured on video and published on all of the vBrownBag distribution channels, on YouTube and Vimeo.  If the conference Internet connection allows, the talk is also live streamed from the show.

TechTalks are for community members to reach other community members, any topic that will help other people is good.  The one thing that TechTalks are not is an opportunity to present the corporate slide deck about a great product you would like us to buy. TechTalks are about up skilling and education, the only marketing should be from the TechTalk sponsors who help make the whole thing happen.

If you will be at vForum Sydney and you have learned something on the job then you should share your knowledge, signup to present a TechTalk, the audience is friendly and supportive.

I personally won’t be at vForum Sydney since it is the same week as the OpenStack Summit in Paris. The TechTalks will be run by my VMUG leader friends, Craig Waters and Ryan McBride. It is a bit weird to be missing vForum, I’ve been every years since vForum’s begin in Sydney. Before that I went to the TSX event way back in 2007 and wrote my second every blog post about the event, there were 250 people at that event and around .


vBrownBag at Chicago VMUG conference

by Alastair on September 18, 2014

Yesterday was the Chicago VMUG conference and vBrownBag were there in force. Nick Marshall delivered the morning keynote, all about career progression and a session on VSOM. GS Khalsa delivered an SRM presentation ad then one on VDP 5.8. These guys are both VMware employees so were here as part of the VMware contribution to VMUG.


Josh Atwell and I were there as vBrownBag at the invitation of the Chicago VMUG committee. Our mission was to get the local members involved in creating content and having a voice. Over the day Josh and I captured 40 user voice videos, short videos of real VMUG users talking about issues they have faced in their environments. I’ve always said that everyone attending a VMUG has a story that others can learn from and this was a great demonstration. One particular user was reluctant to do a video as he had no story. After a little chat we found that he has a very interesting ongoing story about backup applications snapshots that corrupt VMs. You can see all of the videos in this YouTube playlist.

In addition to the user voice videos we recorded a few longer TechTalk videos, these are in this playlist. Hopefully the painless user voice process will inspire a few more people to present TechTalks at VMUG.

For me the biggest highlight of VMUG conferences is meeting so many people. Friends from other shows like Shannon Snowden and Scott Lowe. People who have used vBrownbag podcasts to help them get certifications. People who have used AutoLab to help them get certifications. People who have never heard of vBrownBag or AutoLab and immediately want both when they do hear. VMUG should be all about the people, so if you go to VMUG make sure you talk to them, they are all around.

Next week I will be in Los Angeles for the SoCal VMUG user conference making more vBrownBag video before heading home, stop by and say hi.

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How I Learned to Love the vSphere Web Client

by Guest Poster on September 18, 2014

This guest post is by Melissa Palmer who blogs at vmiss.net, where you can find her back catalogue of posts. Melissa was the creative (evil) genius behind the scenarios for the Virtual Design Master Challenge. Find out more about the guest blogger program here.

A few months ago I decided to go all in on the vSphere Web Client. I was one of those people that wasn’t a huge fan of ESXi when the Service Console was dropped, so I decided to take a different approach here and embrace it. The verdict? I like it. A lot. I’ve gotten so used to it, that when @DiscoPosse and I tried to do a Test Track at VMworld, I had a bad time. I kept on saying “but I know exactly how to do this in the Web Client!”, and of course, it was iSCSI. So it was a really bad time. As I write this and wait for my vCenter to reboot, I’m actually using the C# Client to access the host, and I can’t wait to get back to the web client.Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 5.51.07 PM

(Bye bye!  Might as well bite the bullet and get used to not using it)

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VMworld EMEA is close, SimpliVity will be there with vBrownBag

September 18, 2014

I cannot believe how the weeks are passing and we are getting closer to VMworld in Barcelona. We still have places for more TechTalks. The signup form is here, go ahead and sign up now. We are delighted to have SimpliVity sponsoring the TechTalks at Barcelona, just like they did for VMworld USA.

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#vBrownBag Follow-Up IPv6 with Wireshark with Jeff Carrell (@JeffCarrell_v6)

September 17, 2014

Jeff Carrell returns to show you IPv6 through a Wireshark lens. Video You can follow Jeffrey on Twitter @JeffCarrell_v6 as well as his website http://www.teachmeipv6.com/ Originally published at http://ProfessionalVMware.com – Sign up for the live #vBrownBag broadcast at http://professionalvmware.com/brownbags/ where you can also get updates and view all of our episodes including the Automate All The Things series (http://professionalvmware.com/vbrownbag-automate-all-the-things-training-schedule/), […]

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#vBrownBag Follow-Up VMware VCP-NV Objective 1 with Frank Büchsel (@fbuechsel)

September 16, 2014

Frank Büchsel covers objective 1 of the VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) certification blueprint. Objective 1.1 – Describe the Benefits of a VMware NSX Implementation Objective 1.2 – Describe VMware NSX Architecture Objective 1.3 – Differentiate VMware Network and Security Technologies Objective 1.4 – Contrast Physical and Virtual Network Technologies Objective 1.5 –Explain […]

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Announcing the #vBrownBag DevOps series

September 12, 2014

Starting on October 1st and going through at least January, the ProfessionalVMware.com #vBrownBag podcast will bring you a series designed to prepare and strengthen your DevOps knowledge and skill set.  Much like we did for Couch to OpenStack and Automate ALL the Things series we have setup a Google+ community and “homework” to give you […]

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Cisco sponsors #vBrownBag TechTalks at VMworld EMEA

September 10, 2014

Cisco continues to be the only company to say yes to sponsoring every single TechTalks event. Welcome back our friends at Cisco. We still have places for TechTalk presenters. The signup form is here, go ahead and sign up now. We also have places for TechTalk sponsors both at VMworld EMEA and at the OpenStack […]

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September 10, 2014

This guest post is by Steven Kang who blogs at ssbkang.com, where you can find his back catalogue of posts. Find out more about the guest blogger program here. INTRODUCTION Recently, I wrote a PowerCLI script to audit which virtual machines are running on vDisks in relationship. With this report, I could correct naming convention […]

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#vBrownBag Follow-Up VMware vCAC Advanced Services Designer with with Phil Monk (@phil_monk31)

September 9, 2014

Phil Monk covers the VMware vCloud Automation Center Advanced Services Designer (now part of the vRealize Suite). Video You can follow Phil on Twitter @phil_monk31 Originally published at http://ProfessionalVMware.com – Sign up for the live #vBrownBag broadcast at http://professionalvmware.com/brownbags/ where you can also get updates and view our past series such as the Automate All The Things series athttp://professionalvmware.com/vbrownbag-automate-all-the-things-training-schedule/, […]

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