Share and Share Alike – Sharing VMDK’s Between Virtual Machines

This can be used to enable ‘MSCS’ in a box, in a lab scenario, or any other sort of setup, where more than one VM will require access to the same disk. Careful here though, your file system will need to support this as well. Read on for more.

First we need to make the disk:

Log into the service console and execute the following:
[root]# vmkfstools -c 249G -d thick /vmfs/volumes/250/shared.vmdk -a lsilogic

Reading that, it tells vmkfstools to create a 249 GB disk file, in a thick file with an adaptor type of Lsi Logic. The Thick formatting is critical, as it is what enables parts of this process. *Note, under normal circumstances Thick disk files are a security risk.

Next we add it to the VM’s


Use the existing disk:

Select the disk:

Use a new, unused SCSI Adaptor:

Last step:

There are our devices, make sure the adaptor is in Physical mode:

Hope this was helpful. Please leave any questions or thoughts in the comments.

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