[APAC] BrownBag – VCAP-DCD Storage Follow-Up

by bunchc on February 9, 2012


Also, not much in the way of show notes for this one. Enjoy!

  • Techstarts

    Content shared is excellent, unfortunately Heetech voice is not clear at all. The person who spoke in the beginning was so clear and easily understandable. It is sad i’m unable to hear the excellent knowledge been shared

  • http://professionalvmware.com professionalvmware

    Wow, that is pretty rough. I’ll reach out to the folks who recorded it, but my feeling is there wont be much we can do between accents and voip. We are investigating other platforms to try to alleviate this problem for future BrownBags.

  • Rubens Sanches


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  • Alex Galbraith

    Great session IMHO. I understood Heeteck ok if I listened carefully. The biggest problem was probably his upload BW which compressed his voice bw to make it like an 8k mp3 :-)

  • coolsport00

    It was a bit difficult to understand Heetech;great content though for sure. Would it be possible to get copy of the slides downloaded here? Would be good for review.

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  • Sam Walker

    Agreed – it was a shame about the audio quality as the content is great.

  • Heera Singh

    Brilliant presentation. Can I get slide deck for same.

  • http://twitter.com/mrguezpasarin Manuel Rguez Pasarín

    Hard to understand here in Spain, but anyway, great presentation.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Nick

    Great ppt but the voice as it is impossible to make out what he is saying. Shame because he sounds like an expert.

  • vijay

    Great Presentation. Very informative !!

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